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Appreciate what you HAVE before time makes you appreciate what you HAD!

It’s a human tendency to keep safe things they love the most and not use it for the purpose it is meant for and for the reason it is with you. The intent may be to preserve it for longer or forever and use it only on special occasions. But the fact is that it is also natural for everything to age and lose its beauty and purpose with time if not put them through its life. What is it anyways doing for you if kept too safe? Rather relish it for the time it is meant to be. Atleast you will have good memories to cherish….and not regret having it and yet not experienced it. What a loss!

Same is true for relationships…people tend to take their most important relationships so much for granted that they don’t spend a moment to flourish it, strengthen it and live it. They believe as if it’s going to be there forever. And ironically relationships die a painful and early death due to lack of attention and sense of value. People tend to focus on and attend what’s compulsive, which doesn’t give them true happiness or what gives them a social recognition/validation. But in the process, they ignore the natural warnings and lose what they had unconditional and gives meaning to their life. But ultimately everything has a life and life is too short…who knows whose time is over what moment. 

So while you are alive, experience love, experience people, appreciate what you have, recognize what makes your life more meaningful and invest in them. Not to devalue things over people, but things may still be bought again…people WILL NOT.

See the value and appreciate what you have before it’s too late. Let everything and everyone “LIVE” their purpose that they are meant to in your life than simply existing.


Published by Reetu Verma (

I am founder of my brand - Get Sorted™, a passionate life transformation Coach, Author & a Transformation Speaker with a pedigree of 23 years of accomplished career as a senior HR professional with companies like Prometric, Genpact Headstrong, Nortel Networks, SSP Worldwide, Xebia Architects & British Council. - Author of "Get Sorted" Your truth is what you want to see! Reality may be different. - Traveled around the world – United Kingdom, United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium), Dubai, Thailand, Bhutan - Impacted lives of 15000+ people across the globe I am passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives. Nothing satisfies more than to help someone find life in their life, a solution to their problem, clarity in their confusion, light in their darkness, hope in their despair and strength in their being.

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