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Life is like a snake & ladder game! YOU OUGHT TO MOVE

Waiting to take the BEST and the RIGHT decision will only keep you where you are – Stagnant!

There’s nothing right or wrong. What’s good/right for one is not good/right for the other and most importantly in the the context or circumstances that you have. Circumstances change and your right and wrong changes.

What’s important is to move from where you are. 

What’s important is to take a decision and take action. 

Assess the situation and take a decision while thinking what can be an outcome of it and be mentally prepared. 

Life is like a snake and ladder game. You ought to move to be a player in the game. You may find a ladder on your path to take you higher or you may be bitten by a snake to bring you down. But then that’s where when you start a journey again, you find a ladder which takes you much higher than what you could have, had the snake not bitten you on the way.

Who knows which path takes you closer to where you are meant to be.

Decide to keep moving!


Published by Reetu Verma (

I am founder of my brand - Get Sorted™, a passionate life transformation Coach, Author & a Transformation Speaker with a pedigree of 23 years of accomplished career as a senior HR professional with companies like Prometric, Genpact Headstrong, Nortel Networks, SSP Worldwide, Xebia Architects & British Council. - Author of "Get Sorted" Your truth is what you want to see! Reality may be different. - Traveled around the world – United Kingdom, United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium), Dubai, Thailand, Bhutan - Impacted lives of 15000+ people across the globe I am passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives. Nothing satisfies more than to help someone find life in their life, a solution to their problem, clarity in their confusion, light in their darkness, hope in their despair and strength in their being.

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