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Despite of being intellectually aware, we tend to give into the situations that as per us are not conducive towards what we want in life or where we want to go. We start looking at it as failures and start allowing our energies into the limiting thoughts and beliefs that further limits our effort. That’sContinue reading “TRUST YOUR JOURNEY”

Are you a victim of SHOULD?

We have been brought up with a conditioning that there is always a right answer, a right way that you must find and act accordingly. And that one answer is what keeps us wander recklessly leading us to lose an opportunity to really live our lives. And the outcome is that we still never findContinue reading “Are you a victim of SHOULD?”

Woman’s day is not about a gender. It is about YOU – beyond the biological gender.

Every human is a combination of the two dimensions, 2 energies – male and female and an equal combination is what brings out the real potential and power of human life. Considering male & female only as 2 genders is a sign of spiritual immaturity. Irrespective of the gender, one’s true form is that ofContinue reading “Woman’s day is not about a gender. It is about YOU – beyond the biological gender.”

Do you still intend to run too fast?

Haven’t we run enough to make our FUTURE brighter? More money, a bigger house, expansive vacations, superior jobs & a never ending  race leaving behind what matters most to be attended to some day. While 2020 showed us the mirror and brought us back on the ground to help us learn minimalism – that weContinue reading “Do you still intend to run too fast?”

Start-up strategy bites

Establishing a start-up? Let’s validate few crucial strategies & beliefs first! How clear is the Vision & Mission statement for your organisation? Starting a journey without having clear understanding of where you want to go and why you want to go, will take you no-where. A clear definition of the purpose and the destination willContinue reading “Start-up strategy bites”

Does marriage mean commitment?

People who believe marriage will bring them commitment for the other or vice versa and bring them security in life must really check some facts. How many couples do you know who stay together because of the fear of what will people say, or for the sake of their kids, or for the sake ofContinue reading “Does marriage mean commitment?”

The fundamental vitamin for a relationship!

Ever experienced how does it feel to lose a relationship with someone veryyyyyy close? Doesn’t it feel like a crucial part of your soul being amputated? The whole experience of life changes – everything around us that once felt joyful, now hurts to the core. And we are left with a feeling of ache inContinue reading “The fundamental vitamin for a relationship!”