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Despite of being intellectually aware, we tend to give into the situations that as per us are not conducive towards what we want in life or where we want to go. We start looking at it as failures and start allowing our energies into the limiting thoughts and beliefs that further limits our effort. That’sContinue reading “TRUST YOUR JOURNEY”

Are you a victim of SHOULD?

We have been brought up with a conditioning that there is always a right answer, a right way that you must find and act accordingly. And that one answer is what keeps us wander recklessly leading us to lose an opportunity to really live our lives. And the outcome is that we still never findContinue reading “Are you a victim of SHOULD?”

Start-up strategy bites

Establishing a start-up? Let’s validate few crucial strategies & beliefs first! How clear is the Vision & Mission statement for your organisation? Starting a journey without having clear understanding of where you want to go and why you want to go, will take you no-where. A clear definition of the purpose and the destination willContinue reading “Start-up strategy bites”

When life gives you no option

One of my coachees met me yesterday and she looked horrified and stressed. She had been going through a rough patch – late working hours, very high targets, no appreciation, health issues due to stress and above all, political battles to survive. All of this was also affecting her quality time with family and henceContinue reading “When life gives you no option”

Basic essentials to establish yourself as a coach

Having worked for corporate as a senior HR professional for more than 2 decades where coaching my employees was a vital part of my role, I had been very successful and respected. I also got myself certified from a global institute to practice coaching that added to my credibility and confidence. Only at a stageContinue reading “Basic essentials to establish yourself as a coach”

Probe your conditioning or pay the price!

I was sitting by the window with a hot cup of tea on a cloudy winter Sunday morning and watching outside…it was nice! Winter chill outside and the warmth of the hot cup covered with my hands.  About a few minutes later, a shine appeared in the sky and the sun tearing the clouds &Continue reading “Probe your conditioning or pay the price!”