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Life is like a snake & ladder game! YOU OUGHT TO MOVE

Waiting to take the BEST and the RIGHT decision will only keep you where you are – Stagnant! There’s nothing right or wrong. What’s good/right for one is not good/right for the other and most importantly in the the context or circumstances that you have. Circumstances change and your right and wrong changes. What’s importantContinue reading “Life is like a snake & ladder game! YOU OUGHT TO MOVE”

Life is simply an emotion within you!

Life is an emotion – You need to experience to understand. Your situation can be challenging, but life is nothing else but how you perceive it…It is the meaning that you give to situations around you. Life in itself is only an experience that you have within. There are so many people out there whoContinue reading “Life is simply an emotion within you!”

Message for the Man – from a heart of today’s woman on this Women’s day

My Dear Man, On this Women’s day, when I take pride to be a woman, giving unconditional love to you as a mother, self-less love & support as a wife, care & tolerance as a sister, as a daughter  giving you loads of admiration & seeing you as ‘my father – my first hero’, andContinue reading “Message for the Man – from a heart of today’s woman on this Women’s day”

Focus on the Intent – Not the behavior

There came a small boy running and crying to the wise man. He was hurt. The wise man asked him what happened. Why was he crying? The boy narrated – that he saw a black cat stuck in the wired boundary and she wasn’t able to set herself free. She was struggling and was gettingContinue reading “Focus on the Intent – Not the behavior”

Appreciate what you HAVE before time makes you appreciate what you HAD!

It’s a human tendency to keep safe things they love the most and not use it for the purpose it is meant for and for the reason it is with you. The intent may be to preserve it for longer or forever and use it only on special occasions. But the fact is that itContinue reading “Appreciate what you HAVE before time makes you appreciate what you HAD!”

Break the ceiling

Women finding an influential place for themselves at the top! We keep talking of how women are now able to reach the top positions in the industries and how time is changing. While that is true, it is not to be denied that the journey for women to such positions are still extremely difficult and notContinue reading “Break the ceiling”

Probe your conditioning or pay the price!

I was sitting by the window with a hot cup of tea on a cloudy winter Sunday morning and watching outside…it was nice! Winter chill outside and the warmth of the hot cup covered with my hands.  About a few minutes later, a shine appeared in the sky and the sun tearing the clouds &Continue reading “Probe your conditioning or pay the price!”

My choice has the power !

I woke up a little agitated in the morning for a reason unknown to me and had to reach office by 9.30 am for an important meeting. Got ready in rush and left home in no time. I usually take an auto to the metro station and then another auto to office. Couldn’t understand whyContinue reading “My choice has the power !”

Failure is inevitable

All the parents, teachers & mentors teach us how to be successful and help children train their mind for it. That’s an easy conversation. But what is missed is to help the child know that failures will happen, they are inevitable. They miss to coach the child on how to deal with failures. How doesContinue reading “Failure is inevitable”