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Woman’s day is not about a gender. It is about YOU – beyond the biological gender.

Every human is a combination of the two dimensions, 2 energies – male and female and an equal combination is what brings out the real potential and power of human life. Considering male & female only as 2 genders is a sign of spiritual immaturity. Irrespective of the gender, one’s true form is that ofContinue reading “Woman’s day is not about a gender. It is about YOU – beyond the biological gender.”

Does marriage mean commitment?

People who believe marriage will bring them commitment for the other or vice versa and bring them security in life must really check some facts. How many couples do you know who stay together because of the fear of what will people say, or for the sake of their kids, or for the sake ofContinue reading “Does marriage mean commitment?”

The fundamental vitamin for a relationship!

Ever experienced how does it feel to lose a relationship with someone veryyyyyy close? Doesn’t it feel like a crucial part of your soul being amputated? The whole experience of life changes – everything around us that once felt joyful, now hurts to the core. And we are left with a feeling of ache inContinue reading “The fundamental vitamin for a relationship!”

Managing Conflicts through Emotional Intelligence

Conflict is inevitable; and managing it right is the key! Most of the people tend to give themselves into their conflicting emotions and thoughts and there are few who learn to understand their emotions and thoughts intelligently and find a solution that works for them. And that’s called being emotionally intelligent. Whether you are emotionallyContinue reading “Managing Conflicts through Emotional Intelligence”

Managing Teenage is a mindset that can be joyful and interesting!

Teenage is special. Teenage is sensitive. Teenage is a stage where individuality starts shaping up. It is interesting to see the perspective of this phase from the eyes of the child and the parents. While the parents, when being a child, experiences the same fire in themselves, they seem to be in denial or fearfulContinue reading “Managing Teenage is a mindset that can be joyful and interesting!”


Gautam is the world to Meera and she loves him boundlessly. She is so intimate with his soul that she would know what would he need even from a long distance and despite of her situations, state of mind etc, she is able to offer him whatever he needs before him asking for it &Continue reading “Did I ask for it? THE KILLER QUESTION”

Message for the Man – from a heart of today’s woman on this Women’s day

My Dear Man, On this Women’s day, when I take pride to be a woman, giving unconditional love to you as a mother, self-less love & support as a wife, care & tolerance as a sister, as a daughter  giving you loads of admiration & seeing you as ‘my father – my first hero’, andContinue reading “Message for the Man – from a heart of today’s woman on this Women’s day”

Focus on the Intent – Not the behavior

There came a small boy running and crying to the wise man. He was hurt. The wise man asked him what happened. Why was he crying? The boy narrated – that he saw a black cat stuck in the wired boundary and she wasn’t able to set herself free. She was struggling and was gettingContinue reading “Focus on the Intent – Not the behavior”

Appreciate what you HAVE before time makes you appreciate what you HAD!

It’s a human tendency to keep safe things they love the most and not use it for the purpose it is meant for and for the reason it is with you. The intent may be to preserve it for longer or forever and use it only on special occasions. But the fact is that itContinue reading “Appreciate what you HAVE before time makes you appreciate what you HAD!”