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Managing Conflicts through Emotional Intelligence

Conflict is inevitable; and managing it right is the key! Most of the people tend to give themselves into their conflicting emotions and thoughts and there are few who learn to understand their emotions and thoughts intelligently and find a solution that works for them. And that’s called being emotionally intelligent. Whether you are emotionallyContinue reading “Managing Conflicts through Emotional Intelligence”

Managing Teenage is a mindset that can be joyful and interesting!

Teenage is special. Teenage is sensitive. Teenage is a stage where individuality starts shaping up. It is interesting to see the perspective of this phase from the eyes of the child and the parents. While the parents, when being a child, experiences the same fire in themselves, they seem to be in denial or fearfulContinue reading “Managing Teenage is a mindset that can be joyful and interesting!”

Ability to ask for help is a virtue of strong

Is it easy to ask for help? Try it for yourself and see how you find it. You may see that your self-image of who you think you are comes in the way. The image that you want people to think you are comes in the way. And what happens is that you choose theContinue reading “Ability to ask for help is a virtue of strong”

Crisis Mindset – Understanding choices through Covid19 phase!

Mindset 1 – The world is suffering, people are dying of Corona virus all across the globe and there is no cure yet, it’s a global lock down, people are confined to stay at their homes, no one can go out to work, to meet their friends and family, economy is down and recession worseContinue reading “Crisis Mindset – Understanding choices through Covid19 phase!”

Life is like a snake & ladder game! YOU OUGHT TO MOVE

Waiting to take the BEST and the RIGHT decision will only keep you where you are – Stagnant! There’s nothing right or wrong. What’s good/right for one is not good/right for the other and most importantly in the the context or circumstances that you have. Circumstances change and your right and wrong changes. What’s importantContinue reading “Life is like a snake & ladder game! YOU OUGHT TO MOVE”

Life is simply an emotion within you!

Life is an emotion – You need to experience to understand. Your situation can be challenging, but life is nothing else but how you perceive it…It is the meaning that you give to situations around you. Life in itself is only an experience that you have within. There are so many people out there whoContinue reading “Life is simply an emotion within you!”

Break the ceiling

Women finding an influential place for themselves at the top! We keep talking of how women are now able to reach the top positions in the industries and how time is changing. While that is true, it is not to be denied that the journey for women to such positions are still extremely difficult and notContinue reading “Break the ceiling”

Probe your conditioning or pay the price!

I was sitting by the window with a hot cup of tea on a cloudy winter Sunday morning and watching outside…it was nice! Winter chill outside and the warmth of the hot cup covered with my hands.  About a few minutes later, a shine appeared in the sky and the sun tearing the clouds &Continue reading “Probe your conditioning or pay the price!”